Cat Owner's Essentials Combo Pack w/ Self-Bagging Litter Scoop

Cat Owner's Essentials Combo Pack w/ Self-Bagging Litter Scoop

Cat Owner's Essentials Combo Pack w/ Self-Bagging Litter Scoop

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This Combo Pack is PURRFECT for any & every cat owner looking to keep their cat's litter box & litter room in tip-top shape!

Litter Spray Powder Deodorizer

- Instantly eliminates odors in your litter box so you can forget about odor being a problem

- Works with ALL litters and litter boxes so you don’t need to go out and spend extra money on different litter. 

- ​​Nonstick & EASY to use so you don’t need to worry about litter sticking to your box anymore. Makes cleaning out the litter box less of a chore.

- Has a fresh fragrance so you can keep your litter box smelling fresh while not worrying about it sticking! 

- Safe for ALL Cats, Pets and Humans so if your cat gets it on their paws you don't need to worry about it!

Every Cat Litter Spray

- All-natural litter spray absorbs urine and waste odors.

- Uses microbes and enzymes to consume urea and other odor-causing compounds.

- Helps litter last longer.

- Can be used to treat marking scents, spray and accidents outside the box.

- Non-toxic formula is safe for cats of all ages and other pets, too.

Solid Deodorizer for Cats - Rainstorm Scent (2 Count)

- Removes tough pet or human odors & freshens air

- Lasts up to 90 days

- Covers about 450 square feet

- Remove the seal & take the lid off to remove the pet odor!

1 Pack of Odor Seal Waste Collection Bags

- Instantly seals in urine & waste odor

- Easy zip closure

- Specifically designed for the Stink Free Scoop & Bag Self-Bagging Litter Scoop

Self-Bagging Litter Scoop

-No one likes scooping poop, so why make it harder than it has to be?!

-Just scoop, tilt, and then seal the bag!

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