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Customer Raves & Reviews

"I love Every Cat Litter Spray! Whoever invented this formula is a genius! I use it all the time on the litter in the litter box, wiping dust from inside sides of litter box, on the outside of the litter box, on the litter box filter, in my indoor tall kitchen trash can's liner, on my kitchen floor for tracking cleanup. Also on the laminate floor in my bedroom for tracking cleanup, on surfaces surrounding the litter box like painted wall & side of the refrigerator, couch cover, etc."


"I love that pee does not stick to the bottom of the litter box using this spray. Before I found the Spray Litter Box Deodorizer I had to scrape to just get the pee out. I keep this on hand now. I use to help with scooping every day, and to completely empty and sanitize the box."


"I have literally searched 20+ brands trying to find one that would effectively remove the urine smell my puppy repeatedly left on my carpet. The Urine & Odor Remover for Pets product has worked SO well. Basically you soak the area and leave it to dry. It absorbs into the carpet and cancels out the urine smell. Easy, efficient, and cheap, exactly how I like it!"


"I hate the smell of cat pee and no product has ever seemed to actually get rid of the smell until now! Stink Free's Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover is the best product I've ever used! Not only does it work but it smells pleasant, no more of those stinky chemical smelling products! Will continue to buy."


"All Natural Spray is the perfect addition to my household cleaning items. Not only do I use it in my cats litter box but also on my furniture, floors and trash can! The fresh pine scent leaves everything smelling great in a natural, environmentally friendly way which I love. This is a MUST HAVE product!"


"My laundry, where I have a 2 cat litter, smells clean with an inviting soft fragrance in the background thanks to your deodorizer. No one would guess that there's a litter now. Will buy again for sure!"