Why Your Dog Is Your Best Workout Partner

It's the middle of the year, and you finally realize that it's time to get down to business in the weight loss category. 

You already have your apartment, Mr. Whiskers is finally happy again, but then you realize that your dog, Felix is in need of a workout!

And then you have the bright idea of working out together!

He doesn't have a workout partner and you don't either, because workout partners are hard to find right?

So why not do it with your best friend?

This'll be easy right?! So you start coming up with a list of things you could do..

So here is the list that you came up with!:

1) Play Fetch: Fetch is the easiest way to keep your furry friend active. Just a simple 10 minutes of your time is needed for Felix to get his daily exercise fix. 

2) Scavenger Hunt: Instead of having Felix sit for a treat, lock him in a separate
room and hide the treats through out the house for him to scavenge. This will
keep him active and he can chase out the treat with his nose while being

3) Go for a Walk/Run: Running with your dog is like multitasking -- you and your
four-legged athlete get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina
andstrengthening muscles.

4) Find an agility group or class: Agility classes not only increase energy and
competitiveness but also helps Felix develop confidence and learn new skills.

5) Go to the Dog Park: The best forms of exercise for any animal are the
activities they would naturally do. For dogs, playing with other dogs fits that
definition. Take Felix out to the park and develop those new furry

P.S. Before starting an exercise program with your pet, book appointments with your doctor and your pet’s veterinarian for complete physical examinations.


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