Why Exercise For Your Dog Is Important: 5 Simple Tips

Do you work a lot or are often busy that you're exhausted the moment you get home?

Your dog is waiting for you as soon as you walk in the door wanting to run and play but you're just too tired to do anything?  

Dogs are in need of a lot of exercise to stay happy and healthy, but with our busy lives it is easy to forget about our furry friends.

Whether it's taking your dog for a run with you or simply playing fetch in the back yard, exercise is essential for our dogs health.

Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your dog active and healthy: 

Go to the Dog Park.
The best forms of exercise for any animal are the activities they would naturally do. For dogs, playing with other dogs fits that definition. Take your pup out to the park and develop those new furry friendships!

Go for a Run.
Running with your dog is like multitasking - you and your dog get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina and strengthening muscles.

Play Fetch.
Fetch is the easiest way to keep your furry friend active. Just a simple 10 minutes of your time is needed for your dog to get their daily exercise fix.

Create a scavenger hunt.
Instead of having your pup sit for a treat, lock them in a separate room and hide the treats through out the house. This will keep them active and they can chase out the treat with their nose while being active. 

Find an agility group or class.
Agility classes not only increase energy and competiveness but also helps your dog develop confidence and learn new skills.

As a pet parent, you are your dog’s main motivator to get fit and stay healthy, so get out there and get moving!