Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs has always been the age-old debate. You love both Mr. Whiskers and Felix equally but here are some facts that explain why Mr. Whiskers makes the superior pet:

Cats don’t take up much space and don’t require much to thrive. Felix’s bed and toys take up much more room than Mr. Whiskers.

Owning a cat is more affordable. Not only was Mr. Whiskers cheaper initially but also over time his needs are much less costly than that of Felix.

Cats are perfectly content indoors. It is virtually impossible for Felix to live an indoors-only lifestyle but for Mr. Whiskers it is perfectly fine and he is happy being confined inside.

Cats are much quieter than dogs. Even you have to admit, Felix drives you crazy sometimes when he is always barking at something.

Cats require much less work than dogs. Felix and Mr. Whiskers both require an incredible amount of time, energy and attention but it’s no secret that Felix’s daily needs are much more than that of Mr. Whiskers.

Cats help with pest and bug control. Mr. Whiskers is a natural born hunter and anytime a bug enters the home you can count on him to take care of it.

Cleaning the litter box is much easier than constant walks. Although cleaning Mr. Whisker’s litter box out can be a pain, walking Felix in the pouring rain or a snowstorm can be much worse.

Cats clean themselves. Felix requires routine bathing and grooming which can get very expensive; thankfully Mr. Whiskers is a self-cleaning machine and bathes himself.

Cats understand personal space. There is nothing worse than when Felix jumps and slobbers all over you in your work clothes. Thankfully Mr. Whiskers understands and appreciates personal space so you will never have to worry about him ruining your clothes or slobbering on your face.