What Cat Owners Want To Know Most About Their Cats: Facts & More!

Cat owners are curious about their cats and have many questions about why their cats are the way they are!

What do most of us do when we have a question?

Google it of course!

Below are the most googled questions people have about cat's along with the answers that were given by licensed veterinarians:

-Why do cats purr?
Many behaviorists believe that the origin and original function of purring was for the kitten to be able to tell its mother that "all is well" since they are unable to meow during their first few months. 

-How long do cats live for?
The average lifespan of an indoor cat is between 13 to 17 years with annual vet exams and routine care. 

-Why do cats knead?
There are several explanations for why cats knead during all stages of their lives. When they are kittens the purpose of kneading is stimulate milk production while they are nursing on their mother. Later in life, cats are usually kneading to create a warm and comfy spot to lay down as well as to mark their territory and represent pheromones that are stored in their paws. 

-What is the purpose of a cat's whiskers? 
Your cat's whiskers are a very sensitive organ which informs them of surrounding objects, air movements and more! The length of their whiskers helps them fit through tight spaces and can help them during stressful events as well. Since their whiskers are vital to their everyday movements its important to NEVER trim or pluck your cat's whiskers.

-Why do cats sleep so much?
Cats are predatory animals so chasing a toy around the house consumes a lot of energy. To make up for this predatory lifestyle cats must sleep for fifteen or more hours per day! 

Why do cats like boxes?
Everyone knows the term about cats, "if it fits, it sits!" Cats love tight spaces and boxes is a perfect place to find comfort and security if your cat feels threatened or is trying to stalk their new favorite toy.

These are just a few of the many googled questions by many Americans daily who are curious about their cat companion. To learn more facts, tips on how to take care of your cat and more click here.