Tips on Training Your New Puppy

Training your dog is no walk in the park. While you don’t expect your dog to jump through hoops or skate with rollerblades, you do want it to follow simple commands that demonstrate obedience and respect. Follow these tips to lay a foundation for your dog’s behavior in the future.


Understand that training a puppy requires patience. Your new dog does not understand English and will not learn the word “no” without hearing it repeatedly. It typically takes four to six months to train a puppy, so continually work with your dog in creating good habits. Basic commands that are important to focus on include “sit,” “come,” “stay,” “leave it” and “down.” YouTube is a great tool for learning tips and tricks from professional dog trainers.

Positive reinforcement

Shower your dog with love when it does something right. While it’s easy to scold a dog for poor behavior, praise it when it’s being good. Keep a positive attitude and remember that your puppy isn’t human. Alongside a vocal praise, train your pup with healthy treats. Whether it be a sliver of cheese or a natural dog treat from the store, your pup will be more motivated to learn if it can earn a reward. Be sure to reward your dog as soon as it performs accordingly. If you wait too long, it may not realize what it did right.


Set a routine to take your dog out for regular walks and bathroom breaks. Not only will this prevent your puppy from making an accident indoors, but it will also allow them to explore your neighborhood and release energy. If your dog does make an accident inside, a quick clean-up with Stink Free’s Urine Odor Remover for Pets goes a long way. With puppies, be sure to take them out every one to two hours for bathroom breaks. As far as exercise, two fifteen-minute walks should suffice.