Tips for Cat Owners to Keep a Clean & Stink Free Home

Regularly brush your cat.

One of the biggest obstacles for cat owners is hair. It settles everywhere, including the furniture, curtains, hardwood floors and carpet. And while there are various approaches to cleaning that hair up, the easiest way to keep hair and fur controlled is to regularly brush your cat. Groom and shed your cat without hurting their skin with HandsOn Grooming Gloves! The non-abrasive, flexible rubber nodules gently massage your cat and remove excess hair while distributing natural oils for a healthy skin and coat. 

Vacuum Weekly.

Vacuum at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency allergen filter (or hepa filter) to reduce dust and allergens, and capture most of the hair and cat dander. For even more effectiveness, vacuum a few times a week. You’ll also want to wipe down your baseboards each week as hair and dander will accumulate there too.

Protect Your Furniture.

You can cover your furniture with blankets, throws or pillows that can be washed frequently. If your cat enjoys taking a nap on the couch by the window, the throw serves as a barrier between your cat and the furniture. If company comes over, you can quickly remove this barrier with little fear of your guest being covered in hair on their way home. Just be sure to wash those blankets, throws or pillow cases regularly.

Wipe Down your Counters.

Cats don’t tend to follow many rules. Therefore, regardless of whether or not you allow your cat to walk on the counter, there’s a strong chance that the same paws that just touched the litter box will also periodically touch surfaces where food is prepared or eaten. It’s important to wipe down your counters daily and before you invite company over for a meal.

Use Deodorizers to Help Protect with Every Day Odors.

Simply by placing solid deodorizers around your house or having deodorizer sprays on hand will help eliminate lingering pet odors and freshen overall air quality. 

Contain the Litter Box.

One of the biggest indicators that you have a cat in the house is the odor of a poorly keptlitter box.Now, it may seem obvious to empty out the litter box more often to remove the smell, but there’s more to it. The best way to contain litter box odor is to contain the litter to a designated space in your home, away from the kitchen. It could be a spare bedroom closet, a bathroom that rarely gets used or a space in your garage. Whatever space it is, try to avoid carpet (tile and hardwood floors tend to be better) as it can often trap dirt.

Along with finding the perfect location for the litter box you can also help eliminate lingering litter box odors by using our Every Cat Litter Spray! With proven microbial action our spray will consume the urea, feces, cat spray, and other odor causing compounds to eliminate litter box odors…guaranteed! And to stop litter sticking to the sides of your litter box and no more litter mess, use Litter Spray Powder Deodorizer.

Clean Up a Mess as Soon as It Occurs.

If your cat has messes outside the litter box or has a hairball it is important to clean up the mess as soon as you discover it. Use an enzymatic based cleaner for pets (such as our Urine and Odor Remover line of products) to eliminate the odor and remove any stains left behind!

Deep Clean as Necessary.

Everyday traffic, especially from your pets can really take its toll on your carpet. As a result, routine deep carpet cleaning is necessary.  Our deep clean stain and odor remover has the strength of professional carpet cleaner products and will eliminate those every day traffic odors caused by your cat and other pets in the house.