The Truth Behind Your Cat's Behavior

Do you ever catch your cat rubbing their faces on things? Do they ever try to sit on your computer while you're using it? 

These are just a few of the storage behaviors that most cats display but the question is, why do they do these things?

Below are a few of your cat's strange behaviors explained:

-Sleeping in a tight ball
In fact, most mammals sleep in a tight ball for both the reasons of protection and retaining body heat. A lot of times your cat will push into a small spaces surrounded by walls that way they can't be snuck up on while they are sleeping.

This behavior traces back to when your cat was a kitten. Kneading or "making mittens" on their mom's stomach would encourage milk production. As your cat grows older they will begin to knead whenever they feel relaxed or cozy!

-Rubbing their face on things
Scent and marking their territory is very important to cats. Your cat has special scent glands on their face that when they rub up on things they are claiming these items as their "territory".

-Sleeping in boxes or small spaces
Cats are natural born hunters and they love to wedge themselves into tiny spaces to observe what is happening from a distance. 

-Getting the midnight crazies
Because cats sleep for most of the day, a lot of times their sleep pattern can be off and they spend most of our sleeping hours running around the house. It is important to never reward your cat for bad behavior if they wake you up in the middle of the night from acting crazy.

-Sitting on the computer
When your computer is on, it can feel like a nice warm heating pad for your cat. Not only does the computer have a low purring sound when in use, but your cat may sit on it just to get your attention instead of giving it to the computer screen.

-Laying in the sink or bathtub
If its a hot day out your cat might be seeking a cool place if they spend time in the sink or bathtub but there is also another theory. There is a suspicion that there is a certain smell that comes from the drain pipes and faucets that attracts cats which could explain why your cat is always curling up in the sink!