The Top 10 Cat Breeds for Kitty Cuddles

Every one knows that cats are the cuddliest of all pets, but did you know that there are certain breeds that are known to be more cuddly than others?

Maybe you're wondering if your cat is one of the cuddliest breeds or you're on the hunt to find a snuggle companion?

Below are 10 of the top cat breeds that love snuggling up with their owner:

1. Ragdoll
Ragdoll kitties are the perfect choice for any cat owner who loves to cuddle! In fact, ragdoll cat's will sometimes even go limp in your arms because they love being held. Being held in their owners arms they feel relaxed, safe and at ease making them one of the most cuddliest breeds of cats!

2. Tonkinese 
The Tonkinese breed of cats make wonderful, loyal and lovable companions. Tonkinese are most known for their talkative personality and love to have conversations with their human friends. 

3. Himalayan
These cats are what we like to call "needy" and love to be the center of attention. You can please them the most by just sitting or laying down with them!

4. Birman
The Birman cat is known for being a true companion to their owners. You might see your Birman constantly on your heels and following you into every room because they prefer being near their humans. 

5. Selkirk Rex
These kitties are laidback, friendly and the master of the cuddles!! Selkirk Rex are known to be cuddle monsters and crave attention and constant pets!

6. Persian
These affectionate kitties have a friendly demeanor and prefer to be in someones lap making them the perfect family pet.

7. Ragamuffin
Known for their love of cuddling, these kitties are a great choice for a soft and sweet pet that loves being held. 

8. Exotic Shorthair
Considered one of the friendliest cat breeds, the exotic short hair is loyal, lovable and affectionate. Don't be surprised if they are constantly finding a lap to sit in!

9. Sphynx
Due to the fact that Sphynx are hairless, these cats are always searching for a nice, comfy and warm spot to get comfortable. Sitting in your lap or lounging in your arms are some of the Sphynx favorite spot. 

10. Devon Rex
Another rex breed of kitties, another cuddle monster! These cats enjoy being in your lap or being held by their owner at every chance they get.