The Most Popular Cat Breeds

The 11 Most Popular Cat Breeds

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Have you ever wondered what type of breed your cat Mr. Whiskers is?

Or maybe you're considering adding a cat to the family and want to do some research on what breeds there are to offer?

Although there are various types of breeds of felines here is a list of the 11 most popular:

1. Exotic 
If you love the look and sweet personality of a Persian cat but you'd rather not constantly be brushing them you will find the exotic breed of cats to be the perfect pet! Exotics have soft plush coats and are very quiet yet affectionate!

2. Persian
With their glorious long flowing coats and sweet face it is no wonder that Persians are the most favorite cat among all pedigreed breeds. Persians require a secure, serene environment, but once they feel safe they will be a constant source of love and happiness in your home.

3. Maine Coon
The Maine Coon is the ideal pet with being able to get along with children, dogs and older individuals, definitely lives up to its nickname as "The Gentle Giant".

4. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are said to have been named for their proclivity to relax entirely when held. This breed adores humans and will follow you wherever you go singing to you in their sweet voice.

5. British Short Hair
This is considered to be the oldest English breed of cats. While moderately active, these cats are the ideal household pet!

6. American Short Hair
If you're looking for a low maintenance cat the American Short Hair is the perfect breed for you! They are solid built cats, descendants of the ancestors who arrived from Europe with the early pioneers!

7. Abyssinian
This breed of cat is very lively and active! Be prepared to provide plenty of interactive play for your Abyssian and you will be rewarded with lifetime loyalty!
P.S. Many Aby's LOVE water so don't be surprised if they try and hop in the shower with you or even go for a swim! 

8. Sphynx
This breed of cat is very companionable, intelligent and friendly! Sphynx cats are very outgoing and love to show off! 

9. Siamese Cats
Siamese remain high in popularity for individuals looking for a pedigreed pet! Whether it be classical, traditional or modern hundreds of thousands of cat lovers love to say: "Make mine Siamese, if you please."

10. Scottish Fold
This breed of cat is one of the most unique of all, with forward-folding ears! Scottish Fold kittens are all born with straight ears and somewhere around three or four months their ears start to fold on some of the kittens. Whether folded out straight eared these cats make excellent pets, loving and intelligent!

11. Domestic

Although this technically isn't a breed type domestic cats have been the most popular in recent years. Domestic cats are known as the mixed breed and can come in all shapes in sizes and all colors of the rainbow! 

Watch the video below to see photos of each of these amazing cat breeds!

P.S. Order today and get 15% off your entire order and FREE SHIPPING on every order over $39! Use code: mothersday Start shopping here