The Cuddliest Dog Breeds: Our Top 10

Are you looking for pup to be your new cuddle partner or maybe you're curious if your dog is in the top 10 cuddliest breeds?

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, there are plenty of cuddly dog breeds to choose from for you and the family! 

Below are 10 of the top dog breeds that love snuggling up with their owner:

-Italian Greyhound
When these pups aren't running at 25 mph around the dog park, they love to snuggle up next to their owners like a tiny deer. 

-Golden Retriever 
The Golden Retriever is loved around the world as a first-rate companion dog and for service work! Thanks to their kind temperament they are the perfect dog breed to snuggle with you! 

Don't let their big attitudes fool you, because they have even bigger hearts and love to snuggle up next to their person on the daily!

-Labrador Retriever 
These versatile, even-tempered dogs are dedicated to their people and excel as an additional family member. Labs are always loving and up for cuddles with anyone in the family! 

-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
These outgoing dogs are the perfect partner to snuggle with and they have the perfect amount of energy to play with kids!

If you had a purse or bag big enough, a boxer would happily hop in a come with you every where. They constantly want to be in the presence of there owner and are always down for a cuddle session!

-Bichon Frise
These happy0go-lucky companion dogs love everyone and everything! With the combination of a playful attitude and a sensitive nature they will never want to leave your side. 

-Great Dane
The original gentle giant is known for being a cuddly companion for the whole family! 

-Brussels Griffon
Don't let their grumpy faces fool you, these dogs will give you a lifetime of joy- and cuddles too!

-Pit Bull
Once you've met a pit bull in person you'll see how sweet and cuddly they can be with the right training and socialization. Pit Bulls can make the perfect cuddle partner for life!