The Benefits of Cat Toys

Cat Toys Promote Activity and Exercise

Cats certainly have an affinity for sleep. In fact, cats spend more than half their lives sleeping! Unfortunately, all that sleep means they may not be as active as they should be. Cats that are too sedentary may be at risk for health conditions. One of the best ways to help get them out of a rut is to encourage active playtime with cat toys. They’ll be having fun and you’ll be keeping them healthy. It’s a win-win situation!


Cat Toys Can Help Eliminate Boredom

Cats are naturally very curious animals with a desire to explore. If their surroundings are always the same, however, they may become bored. Try regularly incorporating new cat toys into your cat’s toy bin to spice up playtime and add variety to their environment.  From feather toys, balls and even laser pointers there are many options of cat toy choices!


Cat Toys May Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety are common in all living things, including cats. Cats often experience stress and anxiety in unfamiliar situations such as moving to a new home or encountering new pets in the household. One of the benefits of cat toys is that they can keep your pet’s mind occupied during these challenging scenarios. Plus, new cat toys may also help cats feel more settled in a new environment and help build a sense of trust.


Cat Toys Promote Bonding

While introducing new family members (furry or human) is exciting, it can also be hard. Acclimating to a new pet or baby may require an adjustment period. Cat toys may help ease the transition. Playing with your cat and swapping each of their toys could forge a bond between animals. Additionally, showing your cat regular attention by continuing to play with them and their toys is a great way to remind them that you still care.