The #1 Problem For Cat Owners & How To Fix It

A Smelly Litter Box

Does your cat have a smelly litter box? If so, let's talk about why this is & how to fix it quickly!

Most of the time it's not the cats fault!

We know that you clean your cat's litter box regularly and that you do it very well. 

The only problem is that urine & feces can get stuck into small crevices that are either already grooved into the litter box or ones that your cat made from clawing at the bottom. 

These small particles of urine & feces are made up of little particles of bacteria which multiply which then causes the horrible smell. 

You may not be able to see these small particles, but they are still there!

To combat this, you can either change your cats diet....

Or you can use a litter box spray deodorizer to keep the odor contained within the box, so you don't smell it! 

Leaving your litter box smelling fresh for a little bit longer. Less cleanup for you & a better smelling living area for you & your guests!

It's time for a breath of fresh air....

What are you waiting for? You deserve it!

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