Taking a road trip with Mr. Whiskers

How to take on a road trip with Mr. Whiskers
Traveling can be fun but it also can be overwhelming especially if you have to leave you furry friends at home alone while you're gone. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring your cat Mr. Whiskers on vacation with you?!
You are planning on road tripping this year. This can be a great bonding experience for you both but its important to be prepared!
A few days before you leave give Mr. Whiskers a chance to get familiar with the car. Sit in the backseat together give him a chance to sniff and explore the entire car.
After Mr. Whiskers seems familiar with the car bring out his carrier. Do a few test drives around the block. If he doesn’t respond well to the test-drives talk to your vet about medications to help your car ride go smoother.
Now that you have gotten Mr. Whiskers comfortable, today is the today you are going on your road trip. But you still have some last minute things you need before you head out on the road.

Make sure your have a leash for Mr. Whiskers for any pit stops. You also want to make sure you’re prepared for any messes he might make. Pack some old towels and disposable liners for any possible Mr. Whisker accidents. 
Before you put Mr. Whiskers into his carrier and in the car offer him some food and water before hand. 
Make sure to give him time to use the litter box afterwards so there is a less chance of accidents during the drive.
After Mr. Whiskers has eaten and used the litter box it is time to get on the road and spend time with your family!!
**Make sure Mr. Whiskers stays in his carrier at all times to reduce the risk of accidents outside his carrier.