Stop Your Cat From Spraying!

Lately you have noticed that your cat has been having some behavioral issues.
He has been eliminating outside his box on vertical surfaces, which you know is a
sign of spraying.

Why would they be spraying in the first place?

Your cat(s) could be spraying for territorial reasons or maybe they are feeling anxious or threatened.

Here are some tips to get them to stop spraying:

1. Spay or neuter your cat(s) if they haven't been already. This will decrease the
sex hormones and overall reduce or eliminate spraying.

2. Determine the conflict that is causing them stress so you can solve it.

3. Use Enzymatic cleaners (Every Cat Litter Spray) to eliminate odors on bedding and floor that can prompt them to respray in those areas.

4. Increase the number of litter boxes for him or her.

5. Encourage productivity in your cat(s) by giving them toys and playtime to
make them less stressed.

6. Provide stability and structure in their every day routine. Daily
human interaction is important to reduce any behavioral issues.

7. Use positive reinforcement with them. You can change his or her
association with their favorite spraying spot by doing other activities in that
space such as cuddling, petting, playing or even eating.