Proper Pet Care

Having a pet is a very rewarding and fun experience! As a pet owner you get to enjoy the companionship of other creatures aside from humans and build together an unbreakable bond! 

Just like humans, every pet has a different personality and can show you love in many different ways. Whether it be rubbing up against you, licking your face, or a simple "meow" or "bark", your pet lets you know that they love you every day.

You want your pet to know that you love them too don't you? Well the best way you can show your pet you love them back is by keeping their environment clean and providing them with proper care!

To ensure your pets are happy and healthy and you are providing them with the best care you can follow the tips below:

Your Pet Needs Healthy Food.

In order for your pet to grow up healthy and live a longer life give them food that meets their nutritional needs. Factors like age and weight will help determine your pets most basic nutritional needs. Don't forget that they need the right amount too! Be sure to check the serving size suggestions on your pets food container because overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity! 

Your Pet Needs Cool, Fresh Water to Drink.

Just like us humans, your pet needs water in order to survive. Always provide a clean, fresh bowl of water to any and all animals in your care! Make it readily accessible to them by placing it near or directly next to their food bowl, and remember to refill the water bowl at least TWICE a day. This will ensure your pet is cool, hydrated and healthy! 

Your Pet Needs A Comfy Shelter.

Many pets enjoy the great outdoors but that doesn't mean that they don't need a safe and cozy shelter when outside! Protect your pet from extreme cold and hot temperatures by putting kennels or houses with roofs in your backyard. It is best to bring your furry friend in at night to protect them from any extreme weather that could hit and from predators that could be lurking. 

Your Pet Needs A Clean Restroom.


No matter where your pets bathroom is it is it is important to clean is regularly. Cats are known to go outside their box if not cleaned in a timely matter and dogs will no longer use their pee pads if they are dirty. Not only will this make your pets happy by having a clean restroom but it will also protect your pet's health.


Your Pet Needs To See A Doctor Too!


To ensure your pet is healthy you should take them to a local, trusted veterinarian for wellness check-ups is a must! It is best to take them at least once a year, but as your pet begins to age, biyearly and quarterly vet visits are essential. If your furry friend ever shows signs or symptoms of being sick take them to your local vet or animal hospital right away to get them feeling better sooner rather than later! 


With these tips you and your furry friend are well on your way to a lifetime of happiness together!