Plants That Are Toxic For Your Cat

Toxic Plants for Mr. Whiskers
You love fresh flowers and growing plants to add a pop of color to your house.
Mr. Whiskers is very curious about the different plants you have lying around.
He is always jumping up on the counters and tables to get closer to them. 
Mr. Whiskers loves sticking his face in the flowers and tries to eat them at times.
He may look cute, but you need to be aware that some of the beautiful flowers and plants can be toxic for cats.
For example, if Mr. Whiskers was to get into some daffodils it could cause him to have an upset stomach and vomit. 
Some plants are so toxic for cats they result in much worse outcomes. 
You definitely want to protect Mr. Whiskers from any harm so listed below are some of the many toxic plants that he should avoid:

Flowering Plants:
Amaryllis Hyacinth Asian Lily* Hydrangea
Autumn Crocus Iris Bird of Paradise Kalanchoe
Climbing Lily* Lily of the Valley* Cyclamen Narcissus
Daffodil Poinsettia Day Lily* Rubrum Lily*
Rubrum Lily* Easter Lily* Stargazer Lily* Elephant Ear
Tiger Lily* Tulip Gladiola Wood Lily*
Asparagus Fern Emerald Feather Plumosa Fern Lace Fern
Indoor Plants:
Aglaonema Dracaena Fragrans Arrowhead Vine Dracaena Marginata
Dracaena Deremensis      
Aloe Vera Morning Glory Anthurium Mother-in-law's Tongue

Arum or Calla Lily

Nightshade Hellebore Pussy's Ears