Looking For Another Dog? Here Are A Few Breeds That Pair Well With Cats!

You already have your cat, Mr. Whiskers at home but you are ready to take the next
step and adopt another furry friend.

You don’t want to disrupt Mr. Whisker’s routine and territory so you want to make
sure you chose the right companion for him.

You have considered getting another cat but you worry about a two cat household
with sharing litter boxes and food.

What about adopting a dog?

There has always been the age-old battle between dogs and cats.

Are cats better? Are dogs better?

Why choose if you don’t have to? What if you could have both?

You might not think cats and dogs can live in harmony but that’s definitely not the

There are many different dog breeds that not only tolerate but also love their feline

Some dogs like to chase, others like to herd, and some are just friendly. These traits can make some dogs more tolerable to cats while still liking them back.

Here are a few of the top dog breeds that get along with felines the best:

 Beagle
 Pug
 Lab
 Bulldog
 Golden Retriever
 Papillon
 Corgi
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
 Basset Hound
 Boxer
 Boston Terrier

Just because a dog breed made or didn’t make this list does not guarantee they will be good with cats.

It is best to do your own research and even talking to your vet before introducing a
new pet into your household.

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