Is Your Cat or Dog Sick?

Is your cat or dog sick if their nose is no longer wet?

This is a common question that I, along with many other pet owners have...

Are they sick? Or am I just worried?

Good news! You are probably just worried!

So if they aren't sick, what does this mean?

Dogs & cats nose's stay wet & moist because they lick them, and....

If they don't lick them, they aren't wet!

Here are a few reason your pet's nose may be dry besides being sick:

1. They took a nap & haven't licked their nose in a while...

Cuz doesn't that make since? Do you lick your nose while you're sleeping? Didn't think so!

2. They are slightly dehydrated after exercises...

Because who said exercise was easy or fun? Lol

3. They have been outside in the heat & wind...

Do you ever remember your face or lips getting wind burnt? Me too!

4. They are older & not producing as much mucus...

Because who needs all that mucus anyways? Haha

So when should you be concerned about your pets dry nose? Click the link to read the 4 warning signs!

1. If their nose has any changes in texture and/or color 

2. If they have a dry nose accompanied by unusual fatigue, lack of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, pale or dry gums. 

If your pet has these symptoms combined with a dry nose, then it's probably time to get them to a vet just in case.