Is Your Cat Imitating You?

When you brought home your cat for the first time you adopted them into your family.

Your new feline friend adapts to the way of life that you and your family live, imitating every move you make and learning your way of life.

Extensive studies followed cats and families to discern how cats attempt to fit into a family situation by mirroring the owner’s habits.

It is know that cats that are inside only adapt much more to an environment than cats that are allowed to be inside and outside. When an inside cat’s owner goes to work the feline rests and eventually can tell about when the owner will return.

Food, of course, drives the cat through hunger to know when the owner will return and eat their dinner and feed them. Your cat will adapt to your feeding schedule and often eat at the same time you do. 

A cat is smart enough to know where their food is kept and can open a partially opened cabinet or closet door to access their food while you're gone at work or out with friends. *(Tip: Keep your kitty's food locked away in a high place they cannot reach or in an airtight container they cannot access).

Inside only cats pick up the owners sleep schedule as well and rest at night at the same time the owner does. If you take naps on weekends or days off from work you can expect a feline friend to cuddle up next to you and nap at the same time.

Many cat owners place the litter box in the bathroom. Cats often have an uncanny sense of when their owner uses the restroom and goes to the litter box at the same time. 

Felines that are both inside and outside cats and spend the night outside revert to a feral instinct. These cats will roam at night and not stay in their home environment all night long.

If your cat is mostly outdoors, they will have a hard time adapting to your family and still carry a lot of their feral instincts with them into the home.

If you are looking for that cuddly companion you've always wanted consider bringing your cat indoors and letting them learn the owners "habits."