4 Important Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

One litter box per cat is not enough.

If your cat is prone to having accidents around the house, they may just need an additional litter box. And you should always have more litter boxes than you do cats. For example, if you have one cat, make sure you have at least two litter boxes!


"Free-feeding" your cat isn't healthy.

You shouldn't refill your cat's food bowl whenever they want or leave out un-portioned food for them to graze on throughout the day. By free-feeding your cat, you're increasing the likelihood that they will get fat. Always measure your cat's food and give them the appropriate amount! If you're concerned that your work or social life may prevent you from making it home in time to feed your cat on schedule, investing in an automatic feeder can ensure your kitty isn't left with an empty stomach.


Dental disease is a big problem in cats, so regular brushing is a must.

One of the most common diseases in cats is dental disease. Be sure to always brush your cat's teeth with specially formulated pet toothpaste, as some ingredients in human toothpaste, such as artificial sweeteners, can be toxic to animals. If you’re cat hates brushing, there are some vet approved dental treats that can be a solution!


Indoor cats can get fleas and ticks.

You may think because your cat is strictly indoors that they can’t contract ticks or fleas, but that isn’t the case! If you have a dog they could bring in ticks and fleas which can infect your cat so it’s important that you have flea and tick medication for your feline too! You can use a non-toxic repellant like Tickless to keep your feline protected without any of those smelly and harsh creams!