How To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

If you have a pet, then you know how smelly they can be from time to time. 

Just imagine how smelly we would be if we didn't take a bath or shower every day!

Dogs can be smelly, but cats tend to be a bit smellier just because of the litter box, so let's go over a few ways to keep your house smelling fresh!

1. Keeping The Litter Box Clean

Changing out the litter a few times a week is a good rule of thumb here, but we both know that we can't always do that with our busy schedules!

So to increase the time between cleanings, we recommend to spray your litter box with litter box spray each time you clean. After adding in the litter, spray on top of the litter as well for added freshness!

2. Using Air Deodorizers

Even if you keep everything cleaned up, there can still be spots that you can't reach! 

Or maybe just an odor that continues to deliver.

We want to help you out, that's why we are giving away a FREE rainstorm scented deodorizer with every order of $50 or more!

Using our solid deodorizer is easy & effective. 

Peel off the seal, set it out and let it absorb the odor & freshen up your room!

3. Keeping The Outside Clean

Sometimes your cat may not be happy with the state of its litter box, or is busy marking its territory so it will pee outside the litter box. 

Or maybe they just aren't happy with being left all alone while you're gone. But we know this must happen as human beings!

To combat this issue, be sure you have a urine odor remover to quickly and easily eliminate the problem. 

Using a UV light can also be helpful in finding small spots!

4. Vacuum!

Vacuuming in any room will improve the smell! Be sure to get rid of dust on rugs, carpets and floors. 

Vacuuming will also help you see if your cat has been being naughty outside the litter box!

5. Your Cat's Breath

Most cats should not have smelly breath, but if yours does it will definitely contribute to a smelly environment and it may mean that you cat has a mouth infection or some other health complication. 

6. Grooming

Grooming your cat regularly removes hair and dander which makes it easier for your cat to clean themselves. 

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