How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You're Gone

How to Keep Your Dog Felix Happy While You’re Gone
When you come home at the end of the day Felix is very excited to see you. You pet, play and snuggle him because you’re excited to see him too. 
While you spent the day at work or out running errands or spending time with friends Felix has spent his whole day alone at home. 
You wish you could stay at home all day and spend it with Felix but you probably don’t have the ability to do that with your job and other daily tasks. It is important to set up ways to keep Felix entertained and happy while you’re gone.
You walk and play with Felix before you leave and after you come home, however he also needs play time through out the day. Try rotating between a few sets of toys each day so they all stay fresh and keep Felix happy. 
If you’re gone for a long period of time Felix could run out of food and water quickly. 
It is important for him to have access to fresh water at all times, an automatic water dispenser ensures this. If they are a younger pup, make sure you have a Urine Odor Remover on hand for quick and easy cleanup!
Felix might also enjoy a kong toy with a treat or peanut butter in it. This will keep him occupied as well by trying to get the food out and makes sure he won’t go hungry. 
Playing music or leaving the TV on for Felix while you’re gone can keep him entertained all day. They even have DVD’s and programs aimed specifically for Felix and his dog companions. 
Studies have also shown that playing classical music can help Felix’s separation anxiety and help him relax while you’re out. 
Felix and Mr. Whiskers enjoy their time together but sometimes it is important for him to have dog on dog interaction. Consider enrolling Felix in a pet day care a few days a week to help with his dog on dog playtime and socialization needs. 
If you are spending a weekend away or are gone for more than 8 hours a day it could be essential that you hire a sitter for Felix. This sitter will be able to take him for a walk and give him that much needed play time and love while you’re gone.