How To Keep Your Dog Active During Winter

  • Hide some of your dog's favorite treats around the house and put his natural instincts to work sniffing them out.
  • Visit your local pet store for some socialization with other dogs and a long walk through the aisles. This will not only help keep your dog active but it could also be a training opportunity for you and your pup!
  • Put your pup on a treadmill. Most human treadmills can be used for dogs too, just make sure you train them properly to do so. Maybe even find a way to where you both can use the treadmill making it a bonding experience.
  • Play fetch with an indoor safe toy like the "Chuck-It" indoor roller. Add a little extra to the work out by throwing the ball up the stairs or hiding the ball to make it a fun game of hide and seek!
  • Make meal time more fun and stimulating by using interactive puzzle toys. There are many ways to stimulate his mind and body without venturing into the winter weather.  Offer his meals in a feeding toy rather than just a food bowl.  Studies have shown that dogs enjoy their food more when they have to work for it.  This will also slow down how fast he eats which can help prevent serious gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Create an indoor agility course for your pup out of things around your house. You can use items you already have around the house to create a course or you can look online for some "ready to use" courses!
  • Have an indoor play date with one of your dog's 4-legged buddies. Invite your friends over who have pups to make a fun furry friend playdate that will not only benefit your dog and theirs, but also gives you an excuse to hang out with your buddies too!
  • Rotate your dog's toys so that he stays interested. Hide certain toys from your pup and switch them out whenever they start to get bored of one. For example maybe one day they like their Kong toy but the next day they might be tired of it so maybe its time to break out the stuffed animal that they love!