How To Keep Your Cat Warm During Winter

Keep Your Cat Inside

The safest place for your cat is indoors. Try to avoid keeping your feline friend in drafty rooms or garages that can get cold. Although outdoor cats grow thickened winter coats, the harsh temperatures, winds and moisture can create quite a chill for cats. Help them out by creating a warm, dry space for the coldest nights.


During the winter season, even inside, your cat might not want to run around as much. A great way to keep them moving is to provide toys they enjoy chasing after or batting at even when you’re not around. Playtime will increase their blood flow overall making them warmer! 

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

It is always important for your cat to have free access to fresh water at any time of the year. The simple act of putting fresh water in your cat’s bowls can help them thrive, especially during a dry winter. 

Upgrade Their Bedding

While we might sleep under an extra blanket, make sure your cat also gets the warmth she needs with a heated bed or pad that is pet safe. Look for ones with automatic shutoff features, so when they step off the bed a sensor tells the heating elements to shut down. If your feline companion simply prefers to snuggle up on the back of the couch or sleep on the floor, adding a blanket where they like to lounge will give them something extra to burrow in.

Create Warm Spots

It’s not unusual to walk into a room and find your cat curled up in the sunniest spots. During the cooler winter months, many indoor cats will seek out the warmest spots in the house. If it’s a sunny day outside, make sure that your cat can get to a spot where they can take a nap in the sunshine.