How To Keep Your Cat Happy- Simple Tips & Tricks To Keep Them Purring!

Our cats bring so much joy into our lives and we want to make them just as happy as they make us!

Unlike humans, our cats can't communicate to us verbally what would make them happy but we have put together a few tips and tricks that will keep your cat purring!

1. Give your cat loving attention 
You might believe that you cat is independent and loves being alone but you still want to give them company and loves every day! Cuddling and snuggling are just a few ways to show your cat you love them.

2. Provide plenty of toys and entertainment
Your cat loves to tap into their hunting instincts and their indoor environment should be apt to handle that. A toy mouse for them to carry around in their mouth or a wand to channel their hunting instincts are both great toys to get your cat! 

3. Offer safe outdoor access for your kitty
Cats love to be outdoors so giving them the opportunity to explore the outdoors is something that will make them very happy! A screened in porch or balcony can give your cat a taste of the outdoors with out having to take them all the way outside. You can also build a fence around your yard or even buy your kitty a leash if you want to get adventurous!

4. Give your cat a nice place to scratch
Scratching is one of your cat's natural instincts and a way for them to stretch and relax their muscles while sharpening their claws. Having both vertical and horizontal scratching pads and posts provided for your kitty around the house will build your bond for sure!

5. Keep your kitty's litter box clean
Cats are neat freaks and they want their living space and especially their bathroom nice and clean. Your cat cares about litter box maintenance and won't use their box if there is too much soil or odor coming from it. To avoid your litter box messes and to keep your cat's litter box in tip-top shape use Every Cat Litter Spray!

6. Keep an eye on your cat's health
Even though a trip to the vet is the last thing you and your cat want to do, keeping your cat healthy is important for their overall happiness. A healthy kitty, is a happy kitty so make sure you do your annual vet check ups and get all the shots they need!

7. Have fresh food and water always available for your kitty
Your cat loves to eat but it's important to not over feed them so they don't become overweight. Your cats weight and physical activity determines how much they should eat daily, but fresh water is ALWAYS a must!