How to Exercise Your Dog When You Can’t Go on a Walk

Take the Stairs

If your pet does not have joint problems, you can use the stairs or a long hallway to exercise your pet by walking them up and down. Marching up and down the stairs is a source of indoor exercise for dogs. You can walk or run up and down together for a dual workout. Empty the stairs and the surrounding area beforehand to make sure there are no tripping or slipping hazards.

Play Fetch

Having a fetch race will be a perfect way to move around and have fun. You can easily play a good old-fashioned game of fetch for dogs to burn off energy. Use your living room or any uncluttered space to roll or toss your dog’s toy. Get your workout by racing them to get the toy first. You will both be panting within minutes. Sort out toys designed for fetch — things that are easy to throw and would not hurt your dog when they catch it.

Walk on The Treadmill

One piece of equipment to keep your dog entertained is a treadmill. Setting up a treadmill should not replace outdoor walks – as dogs prefer to be outside to relieve themselves. Stay with your dog while they walk to help avoid injuries. This training takes time and needs to be introduced gradually. Start at the slowest speed, gradually turning up the speed to increase the pace.

Hide and Seek

Not only does this game work perfectly on rainy days, but hide-and-seek is a game for dogs of all ages as it heightens their sense of smell in a fun and rewarding manner. First, choose a safe place to hide. You might want to make sure that your dog is not too far away when you start hiding. Once you have hidden, give your dog the cue. Your dog will learn the command “Go” to start looking for you.

Treasure Hunting for Treats

Dogs should be given food that boosts their psychological state. You can do bowl feeding, but you could creatively deliver the food. An activity that is based on food will encourage your dog to use their sense of smell. Gather treats and chews, then hide them in different spots around the house to exercise their nose abilities. Scent work is very important for both exercise and intellectual nourishment. Your dog will have lots of fun looking around striving to find them all. At first, make the hiding places simple until your dog gets the idea. As he gets better at it, you can make the game more exciting and difficult.