How to Control Pet Odors in Your Home

1. Keep your pets clean. Dogs, cats and birds all have natural odors that can be difficult to eliminate entirely, but it is the odors they pick up while going to the bathroom, playing outdoors and even hanging around the kitchen that can cause them to smell quite unpleasant. A regular bathing routine is therefore just as beneficial for our pets to participate in as it is for us. Our Pet So Soft Shampoo not only cleans your pet, but gives them amazingly soft hair AND prevents viruses and bacteria! 

2. Promote good health. Your pet’s veterinarian may have suggested that keeping your pet’s ears and teeth clean contributes to their overall good health, but what they may not have told you is that this can also help to reduce unpleasant pet odor. Dirty ears can lead to yeast build-up, and periodontal disease can yield a serious case of halitosis. Your pet’s veterinarian can inform you about what other health conditions may also contribute to unpleasant pet odor so that you can take action to prevent these conditions from occurring.

3. Clean your pet's bedding often. Like your pet’s fur or feathers, their bedding can also trap odors and begin to smell. If you are regularly cleaning your pet, but they are returning to lie down on stinky bedding, your efforts at odor elimination may seem fruitless. Stink Free's All Natural is the perfect solution to help eliminate any and all lingering odors on your pets bedding! 

4. Eliminate odors before they leave the litter box. Litter boxes are the undoubtedly the source of some of the worst pet odors. The ammonia gas from feline urine rises out of soiled litter and travels quickly around the home. Obviously, scooping pet waste out of the litter box daily and cleaning the box frequently can aid in reducing these odors, but one should also take action to try and eliminate these odors before they can leave the litter box area. A product that is safe, non-toxic and without perfumes other scents and that eliminates odors on a molecular level can be very helpful in reducing unpleasant litter box odors. Stink Free's Every Cat Litter Spray is perfect for eliminating all harmful ammonias and tough odors! Along with Every Cat Litter Spray our Odor Seal Bags & Litter Spray Powder Deodorizer are great additions to help aid litter box odor control.

5. Confine the activities that tend to cause odors. It is highly advisable to feed your pet in a room of your house that is away from main living spaces, and to wash their food and water dishes at least once every day. Cat litter boxes can be confined to a laundry room and also cleaned at least once every day. It is highly advisable to place a solid deodorizer in the litter box room or in a room your pet spends a lot of time in so it can help with odor reduction efforts.