How Cats Can Help You Cope

How Your Cat Mr. Whiskers Can Help You Cope


I lost my grandfather a few years ago and it was hard on me. I spent many days crying and not wanting to leave my house.


It was like my cat knew that I was sad and hurting because he spent every day cuddling and loving on me during the tough grieving process.


Losing a loved one is hard, especially the grieving process. Luckily you have Mr. Whiskers by your side during this hard time.


Overall Mr. Whiskers is great for your mental health. He can help relieve your stress, calm your anxiety and improve your overall happiness.


Mr. Whiskers increases oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins in your brain whenever you are around him, leaving you feeling happier.


Mr. Whiskers offers you face-to-face companionship and support during the grieving process.


With Mr. Whisker’s companionship comes a no-nonsense relationship that can help mental health and feelings of loneliness without leaving you feeling like you have to say a certain thing, act a certain way, or interact in socially expectant ways.


In times of grief normal and every day responsibilities can feel overwhelming.


Luckily Mr. Whiskers is independent and doesn’t need much attention, he just wants to curl up on the couch with you.


During the grieving process sleeping can be difficult but Mr. Whiskers can change that. His purring next to you at night can help reduce stress, anxiety and lower your blood pressure.


Mr. Whiskers is incredibly turned into the emotions around him and is very sensitive to how you are feeling.


So if you’re feeling sad or lonely grab Mr. Whiskers for some much needed kitty cuddles!


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