Finding The Pawfect Location For Your Litter Box

Another Apartment Dilemma?! No Way!

Now that you've found an apartment, got rid of the last tenants smell, now you need to find a location for Mr. Whisker's litter box!

If you want him to feel comfortable while doing his business, and minimize the likelihood of him soiling outside the box it will take some thought for where you place the litter box.

The old saying most realtors go by is “location, location, location.” This rings true to where you put Mr. Whiskers litter box too.

The best place for a litter box is usually in a quiet, easy to reach corner of your home.

Where does Mr. Whiskers spend most of his time? This is a question to ask yourself.

If there are certain rooms that he avoids or doesn’t spend much time in, don’t put the litter box in there.

It is important to never place Mr. Whiskers litter box next to his food and water bowls.

You and Mr. Whiskers have a tight bond. Think of some of the spots around the apartment that you hang out together. One of these favorite spots could be the perfect place for his litter box.

Be sure to never surprise Mr. Whiskers by moving his litter box suddenly. Cats are very sensitive to sudden changes in their environment and may not take the time to relocate the new location.

If you need to ever move the location of Mr. Whiskers box make sure to move it gradually. A few inches here and there daily until it reaches its new location will lower the risk of Mr. Whiskers soiling outside his box.

Once you have found your location for Mr. Whiskers box, it is now time to add your litter and litter box spray to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Watch the video to see how Stink Frees’ litter odor deodorizer can keep Mr. Whiskers bathroom smelling great!