Dog Walking Essentials for a Rainy Day

Dog Rain Coat

Just like humans, many dogs prefer to have a jacket to keep them nice and dry while braving the rain. For those days that your pet is ready for their walk, and they don’t quite realize it’s raining yet, a light raincoat can protect their coat from getting soaking wet.

Waterproof Dog Leash

Nothing can be much worse than holding onto a dripping wet leash during your walk that begins to smell like, well, wet dog. With a waterproof dog leash a soggy leash won’t be a problem ever again.

Reflective Dog Collar/Leash

One of the main worries regarding the rainy season is that drivers are feeling it increasingly difficult to see clearly. As a consequence, while playing in the mud, there is a big risk of drivers not noticing your pet, raising the chances of a possible accident. Substitute the usual collar and leash of your dog for reflective ones to prevent this.

Pick a Less Traffic Route

There are puddles where a driving car could splash you and your dog because of the rainy season, which can become chaotic, particularly if your dog is not a fan of being wet. In this type of weather, vehicles can also sound noisy, which can give some pups more discomfort because of the excessive noise. Choosing a quieter and less busy road would make the walk more fun!

Towel or Microfiber Cloth

Be prepared with some dry towels and prepare an area where, on a rainy day stroll, your dog can easily shake off the water that has saturated its hair. A towel or microfiber cloth near the door that you can wrap your pet in to clean them off after your rainy walk so they don’t make a mess of the house is a must!