Did You Know This About Your Dog?

Below are a few of the interesting facts you might not know about your dog:

-Your dog releases itself (poops) in alignment with the Earth's magnetic fields! 

-Your dog can understand up to around 165 words. 

-Your dog dreams just like you do! If you’ve ever noticed your pooch twitching in her sleep, this probably means she’s dreaming. Researchers found that dogs have similar sleep patterns and brain activity as humans, and that small breeds tend to dream more than large ones.

-Your dog’s wagging tail means something! If your dog excitedly wags its tail, it means they’re happy to see you, right? Not necessarily. According to, dogs wag their tails to the right when they’re happy and to the left when they’re frightened. Wagging low means they’re insecure, and rapid tail wagging accompanied by tense muscles or dilated pupils can signal aggression.

-Your dog's urine can in fact, corrode metal? It's important that any urine messes caused by your pup are cleaned up and destroyed with Stink Free's Urine Odor Remover! Our Urine Odor Remover instantly destroys and eliminates lingering urine stains and odors left behind by your furry friend! 

-Your dog heats up faster than you do! Dogs’ normal body temperature is slightly higher than that of humans (it hovers at around 101.5° F), which means that hotter temperatures can affect them more. This is why you need to take care while walking your dog on a hot day. 

-Your dog sleeps curled up because of instinct. Dogs don’t curl up in a ball when they sleep just for cuteness points. They essentially curl up due to a biological instinct to protect their vital organs and keep themselves warm.

-Your dog can smell out if you have a disease or a form of cancer. Research shows that dogs can smell organic compounds that are associated with cancer and other diseases that humans can't!

-Your dog has not 1, not 2, but THREE eyelids. Their third eyelid is called a haw and keeps their eyes moist and from getting dry eye!

-Your dog's normal body temperature runs between 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit! 

-Your dog has approximately 1,700 taste buds compared to us who have around 9,000 and cats who have a measly 473.

-Your dog first judges a new toy based on their movement, then they look at how bright the toy is and lastly the evaluate the shape of their toy. 

-Your dog has a sense of time, so yes they miss you while you're gone! 

-Your dog can hear 4 times further than their owners and can hear at much higher frequency than we can as humans!

-Your dog only has sweat glands in their paws, specifically between their paw pads. On a hot day, wetting your pup's paw pads can help them cool down!

-Your dog's nose is like our fingerprint, making it unique to each dog and a way to identify them!