Did You Know This About Your Cat's Eyes?

Have you ever wondered what makes your cat’s eyes different from yours?

Or what makes your cat such a great hunter?

In many ways our cat's eyes are better than ours!

In fact, cats have better peripheral vision than humans!

Our cat's can see 200 degrees where us humans can only see up to 180 degrees.

Continue reading for more interesting facts about your cat's eyes!

-Cats, like dogs, do not see all colors as well as humans. Our cat's have fewer cones in their eyes so they see fewer colors. Blue and yellow colors are seen better than greens and reds that end up looking more like grey tones.

-Cats see best at a distance of 2 to 3 feet. Have you ever wondered why your cat's can't see directly in front of their nose/face? This is due to the fact our cat's see much better from a further distance making them great at hunting their prey. 

-Cats can detect rapid motion better than people. This is a major advantage when stalking and chasing prey. They can detect objects moving at speeds of up to four millimetres per second, helping them to locate and pounce on quick-moving toys with ease. 

-Cats also have a third eyelid like dogs. This tissue produces tears and keeps the eye moist and protected. In senior cats, various types of cancer can develop on the third eyelid.

-Cats have good night-vision. Like us, cats can’t see in the dark when there is absolutely no light available. However, they do have better vision than we do in low light conditions, such as on a moonlit night. This is because they have more receptors in their eyes called rods, which are sensitive to light, helping them to see six to eight times better than we can in the dark. Their pupils also expand wider than ours, allowing more light into the eye.