Did You Know This About Dogs?

Do you think you know everything about your canine companion?

Think again! Here are 10 surprising facts about your pup Felix:

1. Felix is as smart as a two year old, knowing about 250 total words
and gestures.

2. Mr. Whiskers and Felix slurp water the same way with the tip of their

3. Felix has a great sense of time. He is able to pick up on our routines and
habits and misses you when you’re gone!

4. Felix’s whiskers help him see in the dark, changes in air currents, and help
identify size, shape and speed of things nearby.

5. Felix has sweat glands in his paws! Wetting his feet on a hot day can help him
cool down if his panting isn’t getting the job done.

6. On average, Felix exerts about 320 pounds pressure when using his 42 teeth.

7. At one year old, Felix is as physically mature as a 15-year-old human.

8. Felix’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times stronger than a human’s.

9. Felix can hear 4 times as far as humans can.

10. Felix can smell your feelings. He can pick up on subtle changes in your scent,
which can help him figure out how you’re really feeling.

We love our furry friends and its important that we learn all we can about them so
we can build the strongest bond possible!


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