Common Dog Behavior Problems: We've Got The Solution!

A dog's behavior problems are often misunderstood or mishandled by their owners.

Maybe you've just gotten a new pup or maybe you're wanting to resolve an issue with your elder dog?!

Either way we've got the answers!

Below are a few different basic common dog behaviors and how to understand and correct them:

Almost all dogs bark, but excessive barking is considered a behavioral problem. Before you can correct the excessive barking you have to identify why your pup might be barking in the first place. Is it because they are threatened? bored? excited? anxious? There are many different reasons why your pup could be barking and teaching the bark and quiet commands to them could help control the excessive barks.

Has your dog ever chewed up a pair of shoes or a cell phone charger cord? If you're like most dog owners (especially puppies) then this most likely has happened to you! Chewing is a natural instinct for your dog so it's important to provide them with proper chew toys to avoid them chewing up your possessions. Exercising your dog daily as well can help release some of their energy they might take out on chewing if they aren't getting enough daily activity.

If given the chance, almost all dogs will do some amount of digging due to their natural instincts. But sometimes your dog might be digging because they are fearful, anxious, bored, trying to escape or even hide their prized possessions (toys).

-Jumping Up
Jumping up is another one of those common, yet annoying dog behaviors. Although your dog is probably just excited and is wanting attention when jumping up on you, it's important that you don't reward your dog when they are jumping because this would reinforce a behavior you want to stop. The best way to get your dog to stop jumping would be to turn away or walk away from your dog and don't make any eye contact while they are jumping on you. Once your dog relaxes and calms down you can reward him with all the pets and love in the world!

These are just a few of the many common dog behaviors that can sometime frustrate us as owners. The most important thing to remember is to be patient with your pup and to know that there is never ill-intent with their behaviors and all they want is love and to be taken care of by their owners.