Benefits of CBD Oil

Recently you have noticed that Mr. Whiskers hasn’t had much of an appetite and has anxiety when you are gone for the day or long periods of time.

You start looking into treatment options and see that CBD oil promotes overall homeostasis within Mr. Whisker’s body.

Remarkably, the health benefits of CBD for cats are much like the benefits for humans. CBD for cats can be used to treat a current condition as well as prevent issues from arising.

We’re excited to share with you all the ways this amazing herb might be able to help Mr. Whiskers:

1. Manages and treats Mr. Whiskers pain and inflammation

2. Suppresses any epilepsy and seizures that could arise in Mr. Whiskers

3. Treats Mr. Whiskers phobias and anxieties

4. Prevents and cures any cancers that Mr. Whiskers has/could have.

5. Boosts Mr. Whiskers appetite and reduces his nausea

6. Improves Mr. Whiskers coat as well as treats & prevents any type of skin condition.

7. Helps ease and treat Mr. Whisker’s inflammatory bowel disease

8. Promotes overall wellness of Mr. Whiskers and improves his day-to-day life.

It is best to consult with your vet before prescribing anything new to Mr. Whiskers as well as researching guidelines for dosages based on your cats current conditions.


P.S. if your cat gets too relaxed, be sure to have some Urine Odor Remover on hand!