Apartment Living.... Remove the Stink!

Moving In our Out of An Apartment?

How to remove the stink!

Finding a pet friendly apartment was hard enough right?

Especially ones without outrageous pet deposits! 

Okay, you finally found an apartment that will allow you and your furry friend to live to the fullest!

BUT, then you realize that Mr. Whiskers is becoming territorial!

Now what? 

You just found an amazing apartment that fits your needs, but your cat is just not having it!

First you think you need to tell the landlord because it must have been the past tenants fault, right?

But you don't want them to think that it's all your fault!

Time for you and Mr. Whiskers to put your heads together and figure this one out!

You know what? I think it's time we help you out a bit as well!

Here are 3 tips & tricks for getting old pet urine out of the carpet:

It's time for you and Mr. Whiskers to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

1) Vacuum: Pet fur & dander have a way of getting trapped in carpets, furniture, and even fabric window coverings. No matter how well or how often the property has been cleaned! 

2) Find the Source of the Stench: If you can't pinpoint the source of the stench, walk through the room with a handheld black light in a dark room to reveal those nasty urine spots!

3) Deodorizers: This is the next step to having that fresh & clean smell. We have a product that does just that! The Urine Odor Remover for Cats removes pet & urine odor without the hassle of scrubbing or blotting! Just apply and let dry. 

After you have removed all the urine odor, you'll want to use a solid deodorizer that you can set out to deodorizer any smells nearby! 

This will keep your house smelling fresh and ready for guests!

Oh, and the most important part...

It will keep Mr. Whiskers happy!