A Christmas Eve to Remember

It was the night before Christmas...

The year was 2008 and I was just a little girl but I remember this night so vividly

My family and I were on our way to my Grandmother's house to for Christmas festivities

The drive was long and it was already dark out

Christmas lights lit up the streets as we all ooed and awed at their beauty

We finally turned down my grandma's street when I saw a dark shadow in the distance...

My dad slowed the car down as we started to approach the shadow

When we got closer I could almost make out what it was

Our car came to a stop and what did we see in front of us…..a dog!

The dog was cold, scared and didn’t have a collar

When we tried to approach him he became skittish

Slowly I bent down to the dog’s level and reached out my hand

He contemplated on what to do but slowly he started to come towards me

After a few sniffs and the realization set in that we were here to help and not hurt him he gave me a big lick of approval!

His tail started to wag and you could tell he felt comfortable and happy that we had found him

With the dog not having a collar I thought to myself he doesn’t have a home so we need to take him back with us!

As a young kid of course the first thing I said to my parents was “Can we PLEASE keep him?”

My parents looked at each other and in unison said “We will have to see if he belongs to anyone first but if not then yes we can keep him”

My face lit up brighter than any of the Christmas lights on the street!

My entire life I had always wanted a dog and I felt like it was fate when we discovered him.

We ushered our newest furry family member into the car and continued down the street to my grandma’s house

After a few weeks with no luck locating the owners Daisy (I decided to name her after my favorite flower at the time) was finally ours forever 

I will never forget the Eve of Christmas in 2008 when my best fur friend came into my life!

I am so blessed to say that Daisy is still alive and very much a part of our family

Every Christmas Eve we make the trek to my grandma’s house but now we always have Daisy in tow with us!