6 Tips For Improving Your Dog’s Physical Fitness

6 Tips For Improving Your Dog’s Physical Fitness

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Just like human beings, dogs also need to be physically fit.

According to reliable statistics, 54% of dogs are obese and to make it worse, approximately 88% of dog owners are not aware of this situation.

Here are six helpful tips that you can use to improve your dog’s overall physical fitness.


1. Step Outside for a Walk

If your dog always stays indoors, consider taking them outdoors.  Whether that be your backyard or a dog park, just somewhere your pup has a room to run around.

Their playful nature will automatically be triggered, meaning that they will automatically begin engaging in physical activities such as jumping or running around.

If staying in a single position is not enough, consider taking your dog for a walk. It should not be just a leisurely stroll, try to pick a fast pace and maintain it for some minutes.


2. Do Some Jogging

You may assume that dogs love to run, but that is not always the case.

Some dogs, especially those that rarely do physical exercises, may experience some level of difficulties when jogging.

To handle this activity well, start with short jogs. This will help to build its endurance level, and after a few weeks, your dog will be physically fit to jog for several minutes.


3. Give Food Portions

This technique is all about portion control whereby you feed the dog with specific quantities of food that is just enough to energize it. 

As a starting point, use a simple measuring container such as a labeled cup. Try to record the amount of food that your dog consumes on a daily basis.


4. Get Rid of the Scraps

Feeding your dogs leftovers and scraps from the dinner table may in fact have severe consequences on their weight.

Instead of offering your pet scraps, consider giving them fresh vegetables instead.


5. Engage in Action Games

There are different types of games that you can engage with the dog including ball games or even hide-and-seek.

The games don’t have to be played in the perfect terrain. Go for a hilly ground where the dog will be forced to spend extra energy, which will go a long way in burning calories.

Apart from having fun, you will also be building stronger bonds with your dog.


6. Be Consistent

Try to be consistent in whatever activity you are doing to keep your dog physically fit. 

When it comes to exercises, ensure that your dog does them for a specific period. The same applies to the food control method.

Do not get tired or forget about the portions that the dog is supposed to eat. The easiest way of maintaining consistency is by writing down the fitness program for your dog and check if it matches with your schedule.

By using the six tips above, you will be able to make your dog healthy and physically fit.


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