6 Important Things Every Vet Wants Cat Owners To Know

Whether you're dreaming of adopting a cat or are already surrounded by a squad of feline friends, it's important to know that caring for kitties isn't always straightforward.

We've put together a 6 things that cat owners can do that is recommended by veterinarians. 

1. One litter box per cat is not enough
If your cat is prone to having accidents around the house, they may just need an additional litter box. Most vets recommend having two litter boxes per cat to reduce the chances of spraying and accidents. 

2. "Free-feeding" your cat isn't healthy.
You shouldn't just feed your cat because they are bothering you or because their food bowl is empty. By "free-feeding" your cat you will increase the likely hood that they because overweight or obese.

3. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. 
Contrary to popular belief no breed of cat is considered hypoallergenic. But some low shedding cat breeds include Siberian, Russian Blue, Bengal, and Burmese cats.

4. Its not normal or healthy for cats to cough up hairballs. 
Hairballs are actually a sign that the cat has either swallowed too much hair through over-grooming or that their digestive system isn't correctly processing the small amount of hair that they do typically swallow. Be sure to contact your vet if you notice your cat  is coughing up an unusual amount of hair balls. 

5. Dental Disease is a big problem in cats so regular brushing is a must! 
Most cats over the age of three have gingivitis or periodontal disease and can benefit from regular oral health. Be sure to always brush your cat's teeth with specially formulated pet toothpaste, as some ingredients in human toothpaste, such as artificial sweeteners, can be toxic to animals.

6. Indoor cats can get fleas and ticks.
Cats can get fleas and ticks even if they do not go outside. Your dog can bring fleas and ticks inside and give them to your cat. Because of this, be sure to also keep your cat on flea and tick medication. You can use cream treatments that may harm your furry friend or you can use a non-toxic chemical and cream free device like Tickless to protect your pet from ticks and fleas. 

Cats are neat freaks and they want their living space and most importantly, their litter box nice and clean. Your cat cares about litter box maintenance and won't use their box if there is too much odor coming from it. To avoid your litter box messes and to keep your cat's litter box in tip-top shape use Every Cat Litter Spray