5 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Are You A Responsible Dog Owner?

Read this to find out!

We all love our pets, but from time to time they really seem to push our buttons. 

1) Remember that dogs are completely dependent on you for their physical & mental well-being

2) Don't allow your dogs to be a nuisance to others (i.e continuous barking, letting them run loose, etc.)

3) Always pick up after your dogs! Be sure to carry bags with you whenever you are taking your dog for a walk. I know it's hard to do all the times because sometimes I forget as well, but try to always pick up after your dog!

4) Give your dogs adequate exercise. Dogs are just like us. They need to have at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. A good way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone is to take them on a walk with you. Something is always better than nothing! 

5) Keep your dogs in good health. They aren't like us where they get to pick and choose what they eat. They just eat what we give them, so make sure you're giving them nutritious food to eat each day with plenty of water to go with it!

Hopefully you are doing all 5 of these things! I know it's hard to be responsible all the time, but at least if we are 90% of the time I would say we are doing pretty good. 

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