Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You

You've heard the term, "A dog is a man's best friend" and lets be real- you probably love your dog more than most humans!

You spend most of your spare time exercising or cuddling with them and you talk to them just like you’d talk to your human best friend!

But have you ever wondered how much your dog really trusts you?

We've put together a few signs to look for to know if your furry friend really does trust you or not...


They learn your routines

Trust is perceived differently for humans and animals. Our pets rely on routines to feel normalcy and have comfortable, happy lives! So, the best way to build a trustful relationship with your dog is to make these routines positive interactions.

If you feed your dog every day at 8 a.m. or take them for a walk as soon as you get home from work, they become conditioned to expect those things at those designated times. Once a routine is set, they’ll be on time to get that food or that walk, and they’ll trust you’ll hold up your end of the arrangement.

They sleep in your bed

Typically, dogs sleep in a place that they are comfortable s sleeping in an owner’s room could certainly be an indication of comfort and trust in the relationship.

Their eyes say it all

A recent study found that when dogs and their owners stared into each other’s eyes during a 30-minute period, both of their oxytocin levels increased. Oxytocin has also been called the love hormone and the cuddle hormone and it’s used to help mothers bond with their babies, and it spikes when we’re around someone we love and trust. This result could mean that the dogs were trying to form bonds with their owners—definitely a sign of trust!

They wag their tail a certain way

It’s a common misconception that a simple tail wag means your pooch is happy. But did you know that the direction in which a dog wags their tail can reveal the emotions they are feeling? Specifically, right-leaning wagging is a sign of positive emotions, and left-leaning wagging indicates negative ones. So, if your dog wags her tail to the right when they see you, you are officially on their list of favorite things in the world.

They steal your shoes

It may be annoying when your dog takes your favorite pair of shoes or scarf, but they may be doing so for an endearing reason. While this behavior may not solely be based on trust, your pooch could be comforted by having some connection to you, especially while you’re away! What better connection than something that smells just like you?