5 Signs Never To Ignore In Your Pets

Is your Pet acting strange or doing something that they don't usually do?

This could be one of the signs that they are trying to show you that something is wrong.

Make sure that you pay attention to these signs so that your pet is getting the proper care they need. 

Here are just 5 of the signs that there could be something wrong with your pet:

1. Heavy Panting

Heavy panting usually means deeper, labored breathing and may last longer than normal panting associated with excitement, playtime or cooling down.

This could mean your dog or cat is in pain and may be suffering from heatstroke, poisoning, heart failure, Cushing’s disease, pneumonia, or lung tumors.

2. Drooling

Sudden, excessive drooling may indicate heatstroke, dental issues such as periodontitis or a tooth abscess — or your pet has chomped down on something that has irritated or burned the mouth, has eaten a toxic plant or is suffering from a neurological problem.

3. Excessive Water Drinking

Drinking too much water can be a sign of kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, Cushing’s disease, pyometra in unsprayed female dogs or, less commonly, psychogenic polydipsia, when is related to a behavioral issue not due to illness.

4. Change in Behavior

Has your pet become more aggressive, have a lack or appetite or no longer wanting playtime? Pain and discomfort are the most common reasons for a change in your pet’s behavior.

Behavioral changes can be linked to thyroid issues, pancreatitis, cancer, arthritis, parasites, skin allergies, heart disease or an injury.

5. Change in Odor

If your pet has started to smell differently — bad breath, stinky ears and skin, noxious-smelling gas there could be a problem- such as dental disease, bacterial infections and more!

If your pet shows any of these 5 signs contact your vet or the emergency pet helpline- 888-426-4435 -immediately!