5 Fun Activities For You & Your Dog

Is your dog your best friend?

Do you take them everywhere with you and are constantly looking for new things to do with them?

Playing fetch and going for a walk are typical activities for your furry friend and maybe you're looking to spice things up! 

Below are 5 fun activities for you and your dog to both enjoy:

If you love to stay fit and the outdoors hiking would be a great option for you and your pup! Be sure that your dog is leash trained before you head out to hike and that you pack plenty of water for both you and your dog to stay hydrated! 

Believe it or not, dog's can make the perfect backyard football companions. All dogs love chasing the ball around and you can actually train them to do certain tasks to make your football game even more fun! Instead of toss them the football and them bringing it back to you, you can train your pup to take off running to the goal line after catching the ball, letting them score touchdowns!

If your dog always love to be in front and pulls you on your daily walks, bikejoring could be the perfect activity for you and your furry friend! 

What is bikejoring? Bikejoring is a recreational sport in where your dog pulls you along while you ride your bike. You might initially think that pulling by your pup shouldn't be encouraged, however your dog will be much healthier if they're allowed to run and exercise at their own pace!

Lake Day
Not only is a lake day fun for us humans, but dog also love a good swim and a fun place to cool off! Take them for a dip or on a boat ride, dogs love being on the water! Be sure to always have your doggy life vest on board just in case your dog gets tired and needs extra assistance. 

If you like to get active and attend group exercise classes try looking for a dog friendly yoga session for both you and your pup to enjoy! A dog friendly yoga session will help not only with stretching but bonding with your pooch!

These are just a few of the many fun activities that you and your dog can both enjoy!