15 Dog Breeds That Are The Perfect Addition To Your Family

Having a dog can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation — not to mention they're the best playmates anyone could ask for!

Before you adopt any pup its important that you research the best kind of breed for your children and for the lifestyle that you live.

Some dogs do better as playmates for more active older kids, while others have the gentle, patients souls more suited for little ones. (If you have young children at home, consider adopting an older dog as well.) 

Temperaments can vary based on the individual animal, but these 15 friendly breeds are a great place to start your search for a new furry family member!

Below are the top 15 breeds for children and families:

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Combine the portable size of a toy breed with the verve of a sporting one and you get these adorable and lively companions

2. Bernese Mountain Dog
For families that are wanting a big dog the Bernese gentle nature makes them perfect with children!

3. Alaskan Malamute
These dog require a lot of exercise and training and are perfect for those families who love to adventure and are on-the-go!

4. Boston Terrier
These dogs are sweet and perfect in smaller spaces making them a greta dog for anyone apartment living. 

5. Labrador Retriever
Labs love kids, adults, other pets, and just everyone in general. Their sweet demeanor makes them instant BFFs with whomever they meet!

6. Golden Retriever
This breed definitely lives up to the hype up being a great family dog! They definitely won't disappoint. 

7. Bulldog
For those who enjoy a more laid back lifestyle a Bulldog would be the perfect pet for you. 

8. Pug
Just like humans pugs enjoy eating and sleeping making them easy to take care of and a great addition to a family with small children.

9. Beagle
Cute? Check. Friendly? Check? Totally lovable? Check and check.

10. Irish Setter
An active lifestyle (and an endless supply of tennis balls) is a must for an Irish Setter. These dog will help keep you and the family active and moving! 

11. French Bulldog
No backyard? No problem! Frenchies are perfect for those families is close quarters. 

12. Brussels Griffon
Better for older kids who know how to gentle play, they'll be rewarded with a loyal, intelligent pet that packs a ton of personality! 

13. Newfoundland
These gentle giants earned quite a rep as "nanny dogs" thanks to their patient and watchful nature.

14. Collie
This breed ranks among the top of some of the smartest dogs and they simply adore children as well!

15. Cocker Spaniel
Compact but active, Cockers do just fine with regular walks and playtimes, whether they're romping with the kids or another dog.