10 Signs That Your Cat Actually Likes You

Your cat may be hard to read but there is no doubt that they love you!

Sure, your cat might not show their love to you by slobbery kisses and wagging their tail like their dog counterparts, but that's because your cat has their own unique ways to show you that they love you!

We've put together a list of 10 signs and behaviors that show your cat really does like you. 

1. Your cat headbutts you
Headbutting between humans is definitely not a sign of love in our language but to cats it's how they show their affection towards us! 

2. Your cat always has a happy tail
A cat's tail reveals a lot about their mood. When your cat has a bushy tail it means they feel threatened but an erect and swishy tail means that your cat feels confident and happy in your presence. 

3. Your cat brings you "gifts"
Does your cat ever bring you dead vermin or bugs or maybe they bring you their favorite toy from time to time? This is because your cat feels secure and at home with you.

4. Your cat shows you it's tummy
If your cat loves to show you its tummy this means you've earned their trust. This behavior is showing that your cat feels safe and comfortable being vulnerable around you!

5. Purring in your presence 
As you might have guessed already, purring is a good indication that your cat loves having you around. Experts say that cat's reserve their purrs only for humans that they love!

6. Your cat nibbles at you
You might think biting is a sign that your cat hates you but a soft nibble from time to time is a sign of love. A gentle ticking bite is something a cat will do to someone that they love! 

7. Your cat follows you around constantly
If you trip on your cat constantly because they are following you into every room this means you're a big interest of theirs and they love to see what you're up to.

8. Your cat licks you
Just like lions in a pride your cat loves to show affection by grooming those that they love. If you get some licks from time to time this is a sign that you are family!

9. Your cat loves to knead you with their paws
Kneading or "making mittens" is a a behavior that has been around since birth for your cat. Initially kneading their mothers to stimulate milk flow, when a cat kneads on their human this is them showing you they feel comfort and relaxation and would love to take a nap on you! 

10. Your cat gives you slow blinks
Cat owners probably know the long gaze that they get from their cat's from time to time. Turns out that this in fact means your cat is trying to communicate their affection towards you! Slowly blinking at you is a sign of pure love and it is even referred to as a "kitty kiss".