10 Reasons Your Dog Might Hate You

Are you annoying your dog?

Some people know it, and some people don't...

I sure know that my dog shows it though!

So here are 10 things you could be doing to your dog that they just can't stand:

And I'm sure some of these things will help you with your significant other as well!

1) Hugging

Many dogs don't enjoy hugs because some may perceive it as a threat. Most dogs will tolerate hugs from their trusted owners, but they may not enjoy it. 

A better alternative would be letting the dog cuddle up to you. Just think, would you like to be grabbed out of nowhere? Probably not! So your dog probably doesn't either. 


2) Dressing them up

This is a big one, since Halloween is right around the corner! Most dogs will tolerate this, but most likely not enjoy it. So for this Halloween make sure it's a super awesome costume! 


3) Strong Fragrances

Since your dogs sense of smell is about 10,000 times more sensitive than yours, it's probably not a good idea to have the worlds strongest scented candles sitting around your house!

With that being said, it's best not to spray your dog with any kind of scented or strongly scented products as it may irritate their nose.


4) Being left alone or ignored

I always hate having to leave our dog at home, but sometimes it has to happen. 

So, when you are at home be sure to give them lots of attention and play with them frequently. And, if you do travel a lot be sure to find a trusted pet sitter.


5) Forcing them into uncomfortable situations

Forcing them to do something, like us causes stress. No one wants to be stressed out! To make them less stressed, go slowly into the situation and/or reward them with treats when they stay calm. 

Make going places fun!


6) Being upset

We all know life is full of ups and downs and we can't always be happy. But this won't only affect you, but if can also affect your dog. Some dogs will match your emotions or get frustrated and possibly act out. 

Do your best to continue to play with them even when you are in your bad moods!

7) Getting in a dog's personal space

The takeaway here is: how would you like it if someone was always getting in your face or personal space? Haha

8) Not letting a dog sniff & explore on walks

Sadly, I am guilty of this one! Your dog explores primarily through scent, so it is very unkind to rush them!

9) Lack of routine & rules

Everyone needs a routine, especially your dog! Your dog pretty much runs off it's internal clock, so routine is important! Even if they seem not to like it the first few days. 

10) Yelling & harsh punishment

Do you like to be yelled at? So why do you think your dog would like it, or even learn from it? Instead of this, try positive reinforcement. Anytime they do something they are supposed to, praise them or give them a treat.