Solid Deodorizer

Solid Air DeodorizerClick here to purchase SOLID Pet Odor Air Deodorizer removes tough pet odors and freshens air with powerful deodorizers that absorb and neutralize tough odors in the air.

  • Powerful, non-toxic, safe
  • Effective for about 450 square feet
  • Lasts up to 90 days
  • Use for litter boxes, pet beds, cages, kennels, closets, basements, cars, and bathrooms
  • Works on pet odors, smoking, mildew, cooking odors, paint fumes, damp carpets, garbage, musty odors and more
  • 15-ounce in a plastic jar with screw-top lid
  • Rain Storm scent
  • Now available for pets or for cats
  • Made in the USA

Also available at fine stores across the nation.