Deep Clean

Deep Clean Pet Urine Odor RemoverClick here to purchase  Stink Free Deep Clean, formulated to neutralize and remove pet stains, odors and contamination from carpets and fabric. Permanently removes stain and odor (including the odors that only pets can smell), and leaves carpets and fabric smelling and looking clean and fresh.

  • Professional strength
  • Removes pet urine odor and stains
  • Apply, scrub in and blot out
  • Use full strength – do not dilute
  • 32-ounce applicator bottle
  • Fresh scent
  • Now available for pets or for cats
  • Made in the USA

Recommended practice for best results: after the stain and odor have been removed and the area is completely dry, wipe down the area with clean water to remove surface cleaning agents or the surface area will become RE-soiled more easily. This is an advisable practice with ANY cleaning solution.

Also available at fine stores across the nation.

IMPORTANT! For urine contamination, saturate an area wider than the surface stain to reach deep contamination. Urine is absorbed both horizontally and vertically underneath carpet or upholstery. See illustration below.

Pet Urine Odor Remover Illustration